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S2 E4: Qasim Rashid on how Islam inspires him to advocate for women, for the poor, and even for his haters, and how he remains focused in a world full of injustice. Nuances: Beyond first impressions with the Asian diaspora

GUEST Qasim Rashid is a Pakistani-born human rights lawyer, author, and Executive Director of Common Purpose, an organization dedicated to electing more women and underrepresented Americans to public office. Through his work, he supports survivors of domestic and sexual violence, represents asylum seekers, uplifts the incarcerated through prison chaplaincy, and advocates for universal religious freedom. Instagram | TikTok | website TW: Domestic violence 🇺🇸: ☎️ 800-799-7233 | text START to 88788 | visit thehotline.org 🇲🇺: ☎️ 139 Other: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_domestic_violence_hotlines DEFINITIONS Jim Crow era – when local and state governments enforced racial segregation in various parts of the U.S. from late 1800s to 1965. MENTIONED Unworthy victims TAKEAWAYS If you don’t tell your story, someone else will write a narrative for you, and you might not like it.  Many African slaves were Muslim and were educated. They organized revolts and protests against slavery. They also built much of the country. White supremacy thrives on pitting minorities against each other.  DV takes on many forms including physical abuse, verbal abuse, threats of deportation, financial restrictions, and other forms of intimidation. Without financial, legal, logistical, and emotional support, it can be nearly impossible for someone to escape from an abusive relationship. DV is everyone’s problem and Qasim calls on especially his fellow men to do their part and intervene when they see men abusing women. When discussing serious topics such as race, keep in mind the end goal. If the goal is to change hearts and minds, then you have to assume positive intent, and truly try to understand where the other person is coming from. Often, you won’t change someone’s mind. But if you’ve conveyed your message in the way that you wanted to, it might inspire others watching to learn more about your perspective. Collateral education. Activism is different for everyone. The key is doing something that is sustainable for you. It is important to be on many different platforms both to connect with different people, and to protect yourself from being subject to the whims of any particular platform. Pick your lane, and elevate the experts voices in other areas you care about without stepping on shoes. When someone sets a boundary with you, that means they want you in their life, AND they want that relationship to be a healthy one. Know what is truly important to you, and organize your life around it. CONTACT Website | Instagram | TikTok | LinkedIn | Twitter Hosts: Sherry-Lynn Lee (Lazou) & Ariadne Mila — Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/nuances-podcast/support

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